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Removal of heavy metal ions from wastewater: a

2021.7.8  The most popular heavy metals are lead (Pb), zinc (Zn), mercury (Hg), nickel (Ni), cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu), chromium (Cr), and arsenic (As). Although these

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The efficiency of removing heavy metal ions from

2022.10.22  Four cycles of removal of metal ions from industrial wastewater followed by material treatment using 0.1 M HCl, 0.1 M HNO 3, 0.1 M NaOH and distilled water were performed.

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Hydrometallurgical Processes for the Recovery of Metals

2020.11.13  Abstract The state of the art for the recovery of metals from steel industry by-products using hydrometallurgical processes is reviewed. The steel by

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Microbial bioremediation as a tool for the removal of heavy metals ...

2023.2.27  The demand for designing a new technology that can emphasize the complete removal of heavy metals increased as a result of the industrial revolution.

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Current technologies for recovery of metals from

2021.5.1  The metals of interest include nonferrous metals, which can be recycled as scrap (e.g., aluminium, copper and copper-base alloys, chromium, nickel, manganese,

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Recent advances in membrane filtration for heavy metal removal

2022.10.1  2. Membrane filtration for heavy metal removal. There has been much interest in the development of high-pressure driven membranes for heavy metals

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Recent developments in hazardous pollutants removal from

2022.4.12  The removal of metals in MBRs depends on a variety of parameters 27,28 such as: (i) operating parameters like dissolved oxygen (DO) levels, mixed liquor SS

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A comprehensive evaluation of heavy metals removal

2018.2.26  Abstract. We present a feasibility study of different adsorbent materials, namely residual fish scales biosorbent (FS), mineral dolomite (DL) and commercial resin

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