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most popular granite in uruguay

Granitic dimensional stones in Uruguay: evaluation and

2012.11.10  The production of dimensional stone in Uruguay today is mainly represented by granite, slates, and sandstone with a marginal proportion of marble (Fig. 5 ). The most important variety in the commercial production of granite is the black granite (dolerite), mainly the Moderate Black variety.

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10 types of different color Granite in Uruguay,such as : Grey Blue Granite,Moskart Granite,Negro Noa Granite,Negro Nap Granite,Nero Rosario Granite.

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Granitic dimensional stones in Uruguay: evaluation and ... - Springer

companies in Uruguay. Commercial granite is used in Uruguay for fac¸ade cladding, as paving tiles, for interior floor and wall cladding, countertops, stairs, columns, sculptures, monuments, and precision tables, among other applications (Fig. 1). The dimensional stone market is particularly sensitive to fashion trends and economic constrains.

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26 kinds of Marble,Granite,Basalt,Porphyry in Uruguay, such as Grey Blue Granite,Nero Assoluto Basalt,Moskart Granite,Negro Noa Granite,Artigas Marble

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Granitic dimensional stones in Uruguay: Evaluation and

2012.11.10  In Uruguay, what is commercially known as ‘‘granite’ ’ includes a wide variety of lithologies such as granitoids (granodiorite, tonalite, granite s.s.), syenitoids (quartz

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Dimensional stones in Uruguay: situation and perspectives

Gold, dimensional stones (granites), amethyst, agate and sand are the main export commodities. The impact in the production of dimensional stones of the regional crisis of 1999-2002 is evident as well as a gradual recovery since 2003. The significance of black dolerites in the total production of dimensional stones of Uruguay is also noticeable.

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